Replace “product features” with “Product stories” and see the magic!

Boost SaaS website’s conversion rate by 30% with Rivia’s interactive product demos. 

Why interactive product demos and NOT regular product demos?

  • Interactive product demos EMPOWER the users.
  • In regular product demos, you show the users what they can achieve, while interactive product demos let them decide what they can achieve.
  • Interactive product demos are great lead qualifiers and help you build a high-intent lead pipeline. That means, less time wasted on random leads so you can focus on nurturing the high-intent leads.
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"Rivia.AI is very easy to use. Our team started using the product almost without any training and has been our go-to solution for all our demo requirments. Our primary product is a mobile app and we found Rivia to be the only product on the market that supports demos for mobile apps"
Nandini N
Marketing @ PWIP
"Rivia allows us to create an interactive product demo super fast. Specially the HTML capture feature makes it a must have which allows us to change data as required. We used videos before but they dont work very well when your goal is to enable prospects to experience the product."
Allen J
Co-Founder @ Revert.Dev
"Rivia team has been super supportive with our needs. Interactive demos are now a critical part of our GTM process and has helped scale our numbers. It also integrates well with our existing tech stack"
Apoorv J
Product @ OneImpression