Shorter sales cycle and faster lead conversion with Interactive Product Demos

Empower your sales team with product demos that convert. Replace same old presentations and pre-recorded videos with interactive product demos and watch how fast your sales team converts leads by creating a personalized experience.
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Demos created using Rivia's no-code platform


Increase in email conversion rates with interactive demos


Decrease in sales cycle for leading SaaS companies

What sets Rivia apart from any other Interactive Product Demo Software out there?

The answer is simple. Rivia saves your sales team all the countless attempts they make to convert leads with boring presentations. It empowers sales teams with exactly what they need - self-guided product demos!

Make your emails worth replying with interactive product tours

Add interactive demos to your outbound emails and enable prospects to see product value upfront.

Personalize your product demos and let your prospects experience the value even before they book a call your sales team.

Target only on high-intent prospects

Evaluate intent levels of your prospects on Rivia’s intuitive dashboard.

Track metrics like demo views and get notification whenever prospects view your product demos.

Convert more leads to customers by focusing your efforts on prospects that are ready to buy.

Helps SDRs to get internal buy-in

Customize your interactive product tours based on the prospect's use case.

Share interactive product demos that match your prospects’ needs and enable your SDRs to sell your product internally.

Still wondering, why Rivia?

Shorter sales cycles

Faster lead conversion

Sell more with internal buy-in


Integrate with your Existing Stack

Rivia.AI integrates with all your existing sales and marketing tools. We have 15+ native two way integrations available with tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.
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Don’t believe us? Hear from our customers! 

Rivia allows us to create an interactive product demo super fast. Specially the HTML capture feature makes it a must have which allows us to change data as required. We used videos before but they dont work very well when your goal is to enable prospects to experience the product
Allen J
Co-Founder at Revert
Rivia team has been super supportive with our needs. Interactive demos are now a critical part of our GTM process and has helped scale our numbers. It also integrates well with our existing tech stack
Apoorv J
Product at OneImpression
Rivia.AI is very easy to use. Our team started using the product almost without any training and has been our go-to solution for all our demo requirments. Our primary product is a mobile app and we found Rivia to be the only product on the market that supports demos for mobile apps.
Nandini N
Marketing at PWIP
Our team was able to create an interactive demo of our product in under 10 minutes. The product is very easy to us and has almost no learning curve. The best thing is that the demo are automatically converted to mobile friendly demos enabling us to use these demos as part of our outbound efforts
Aakash B
Co-Founder at ReShield
It has been great working with Rivia. Their team is really responsive and attentive to our needs. They took the time to understand our product and the specific goals we had in mind for the interactive product tours. The product is also straightforward to use with a minimal learning curve. The best part was the ability to add interactive elements such as hotspots, tooltips, and modal, which made the tour informative and fun and engaging for potential customers.
Shashank Singh
CEO at Kroolo
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Rivia.AI platform.
How can's interactive demos help in nurturing potential customers?'s interactive demos engage and educate potential customers, nurturing them through personalized product experiences.
Can's interactive demos be integrated into our sales outreach activities?
Yes,'s interactive demos seamlessly integrate into sales outreach, enhancing presentations and customer engagement.
Does provide analytics to measure the effectiveness of interactive demos in converting customers? offers detailed analytics to measure demo performance, aiding in optimizing strategies for customer conversion.