Create Long-lasting First Impressions with Product Videos Stories

Create self-guided product demos to empower your customers and let them explore your product at their pace rather than you telling them how to use it!
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Create Self-guided Product Demos in Just Three Steps! 

Create, edit, repeat - Yes! creating an interactive product demo is THAT simple! 


Capture the perfect copy of your product using our Chrome extension within seconds.


Add guides, edit elements and personalize content to showcase your product in the best light.


Instantly get a shareable public link or an embeddable iframe tag for your demos.

Each Product has a Unique Story, and You MUST Tell it the Right Way!

Create compelling interactive demos within 10 minutes and help your sales, product marketing, and growth teams save hours of hard work! 

Capture and create pixel-perfect versions of your product

Rivia’s advanced HTML Google Chrome extension seamlessly captures a front-end copy of your product’s different features and benefits within the application. It is compatible with all types of landing page elements, including sliders, drop-downs, iframes, irrespective of the level of complexity.

Create personalized and sophisticated product stories 

Rivia’s built-in No-code Editor allows you to create beautiful interactive demos and has editing superpowers like adding guides, modals, tooltips, flows, etc. Go a step ahead and personalize your product demos with your brand color, logo, fonts, and other design elements.

Add perfection to your product story with flexible editing features

Rivia’s editing features are not limited to design elements. To tell a perfect story, you need more than that. With Rivia, you can add/remove images, texts, charts any other content elements to the demos to tell your unique story.

Publish your demo anywhere and everywhere

Rivia lets you publish your product story wherever you want with just a single click. You can add the link to your product demo in sales emails, ad creatives, and social media pages or embed it within your landing pages.

State-of-the-art analytics to make informed decisions

Rivia’s intuitive dashboard helps you track the performance of your product demos. You can get a detailed overview of how your demos are performing and make data-driven decisions. It also provides session-level details for each demo.


Integrate with your Existing Stack

Rivia.AI integrates with all your existing sales and marketing tools. We have 15+ native two way integrations available with tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Rivia.AI platform.
How can's interactive demos increase website conversion?
By embedding's interactive demos within your website’s homepage, product pages, and solution pages, you adopt the “show, don’t tell” approach. This means you not only preach about your product but show the visitors how it helps them address their challenges in the long run
Can's interactive demos be used during sales calls?
Yes. Instead of using a generic pitch deck that only discusses your product and its features, go for's interactive demos. You can create these demos in the flow you want and highlight the features you want to showcase, making the sales calls much more interactive.
Does's platform offer analytics to track demo performance?
Yes, provides detailed analytics to track demo engagement. That way, product marketers and sales reps have a clear idea about which demos are working and which features are most wanted by prospects, and accordingly, they can plan their product roadmaps and prepare for sales demo calls.