How Rivia Helped Kroolo Create Personalized Product Stories for Different Use Cases?

Our Impact
Boost in sign-ups with Rivia's interactive demos
Monthly demo views on website
It has been great working with Rivia. Their team is really responsive and attentive to our needs. The product is also straightforward to use with a minimal learning curve. The best part was the ability to add interactive elements such as hotspots, tooltips, and modal, which made the tour informative and fun and engaging for potential customers.
Shashank Singh
CEO @ Kroolo
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About Kroolo

Kroolo is a productivity platform that helps businesses bring together all their tasks, goals, documents, and projects within a single platform with the power of AI. Think of all your favorite project management tools like Asana, Trello, Slack and bring all of these tools under one roof to redefine how you manage your projects across multiple channels.

The Challenge

Kroolo collaborated with Rivia to leverage product-led growth (PLG) by using interactive product demos. Kroolo has six sections: Goals, Projects, Tasks, Docs, Teams, and Chats. When the brand contacted Rivia, they didn’t have dedicated product tours for any of these products, which was becoming a barrier to achieving PLG.

The Solution

After learning more about each product offered by Kroolo, Rivia provided the following solutions: 

  • We created dedicated product tours for all six of the products offered by Kroolo. 
  • These product tours are detailed and explain each feature to help first-time users understand how to use them. 
  • We decided to feature these product demos on the Kroolo website. There is a dedicated page called “Demo Library.” where all these demos are listed. 
  • As potential customers visit the website and click on “Demo Library” page, they can go through the individual product tours for each product, which will simplify their decision-making process.

Rivia was able to: 

  • 40% of all product sign-ups for Kroolo go through at least one of these interactive product tours created by Rivia 
  • 500+ monthly views on Kroolo’s interactive product tours from new visitors 
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