How Rivia Helped Revert Achieve Faster Sales Cycle with Interactive Product Demos?

Our Impact
Reduction in Sales Cycle
Customers engage with interactive demos
Rivia allows us to create an interactive product demo super fast. Specially the HTML capture feature makes it a must have which allows us to change data as required. We used videos before but they dont work very well when your goal is to enable prospects to experience the product.
Allen J
Co-Founder @ Revert
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About Revert

Revert is an open-source API to build, maintain, and scale CRM integrations seamlessly. Revert offers a Unified API to build integrations with third-party tools. With Revert, you can integrate with your customer's sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, and Marketo.

The Challenge

Revert’s target buyer persona is Series A and above companies with a minimum team of 100 employees or more. While targeting this customer group, Revert was facing the following challenges: 

  • Revert is an API product, but the decision-makers are usually not engineers or technical professionals. Hence, it took a lot of work to communicate the product value.  
  • Since Revert targets large businesses, evidently, there are way too many stakeholders and decision-makers involved. As a result, Revert’s sales cycle was becoming a critical challenge. 

The internal buy-in was a challenge for Revert that the team wanted to solve at the highest priority.

The Solution

When Revert contacted Rivia, we started understanding their product and their most critical challenges. After assessing their challenges, one issue that stood out to us was - the sales collaterals Revert was sharing with the prospects post-sales calls. 

As a result, despite having high potential, Revert struggled to close more customers, and their sales cycle was also becoming long! 

Here’s what we did to resolve this challenge for Revert: 

  • We helped Revert create customized interactive product demos for different use cases and personas. As a result, Revert started using these self-guided demos as sales call leave-behinds. After each sales call, Revert’s sales team would forward the personalized interactive demos to the prospects. 

This empowered the prospects and helped them explore the product at their own pace. This strategy filled the post-sales call experience gap that Revert needed to include. 

  • Longer sales cycle was a significant challenge for Revert. Upon analyzing, we understood that Revert was facing this issue in large enterprises. Multiple stakeholders are involved in this decision-making process, and it took a lot more time to get internal buy-ins. 

Rivia’s interactive product demos solved this. Once Revert started creating customized interactive demos with the prospects, they would forward them to other stakeholders. The stakeholders started were able to explore Revert’s features seamlessly, and getting internal buy-in was made easier this way.  

  • Of all customers they close, approx 30-40% go through the interactive demo in their sales process


Rivia was able to: 

  • Reduce Revert’s average sales cycle length by 20%
  • Ensure that 30% of overall customers go through at least one interactive product demo in their buying process
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