Rivia’s Voiceover Feature - Generate Automated Voice Walkthroughs for your Interactive Demos

How to Add Voiceover to your Interactive Demos to Sound More Humanize Them? - Rivia.ai

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February 22, 2024
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A question for all product marketers and sales reps: Has it ever happened that you created an interactive product demo and sent it to your prospect yet didn’t get any response from your target audiences? 

It is likely because your prospects are too busy to watch the entire demo or click on the modals to explore the interactive demo till the end! 

So, what should we do in such situations? 

This is precisely why we have launched the Voiceover Feature in Rivia.ai. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the feature👇

How will the Voiceover Feature Help Product Marketers and Sales Reps? 

Here’s how Rivia’s Voiceover feature will help product marketers and sales reps: 

  • Different people have different ways to consume content. With the voiceover feature, you can feed those needs and ensure that your prospects are likely to watch videos or listen to audio transcripts, you are keeping both options open
  • Reduce long sales cycles by sharing the revised interactive demos with busy B2B decision-makers and get internal buy-ins faster 
  • Add another layer of interactiveness to your product demos and help your target audiences explore the live product demos seamlessly without any friction 

How to Add Voiceover to your Existing Interactive Demos? Step by Step guide 

Suppose you have already created an interactive product demo and want to add a voiceover. Here’s how you should proceed 👇

Follow these steps after logging into Rivia.ai: 

Step 1: Click on an interactive demo you created before 

Step 2: Click on “Edit step”

Step 3: Scroll down to find the Voiceover feature and switch it on

Step 4: Edit the Voiceover text, or it will be the same as your existing modal by default. Now, pick a voice between the three options - Antony, Sarah, and Rachel- and click “Generate Voiceover,” and you are good to go!

🍭Bonus: You can also add your voice to the interactive demos to make them more lifelike.


The voiceover feature helps your sales and product marketing teams get more views of their interactive demos by making them more inclusive and user-friendly. 

Want to know how Rivia’s product demos can help your marketing team with more product sign-ups? 

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