Top 10 Interactive Demo Software Solutions for B2B Brands

10 Best Interactive Product Demo Tools to Use in 2023 -

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December 11, 2023
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Product demos are one-dimensional, generic and often give the “same-old” vibe. 

But for B2B brands, they are an absolute necessity. Largely because product demos are supposed to give your prospects the credibility they seek. Your product might have a long list of features but it all drils down to how you communicate those features with your audiences, else it is just another video they will totally abandon. 

But, let me tell you, one of the biggest product demo mistake is to not make the demo - prospect-centric. 

Most B2B businesses craft demos that carefully highlight a product’s top features. But the question is - is that what your prospects are looking for? 

Interactive product demos are all about creating a tailored version of product demo that is not about your product but what your prospects are looking for in your product

With the suitable interactive product demo software, you can create, personalize, edit and share compelling product demos that empower your customers. This blog has listed the 10 best demo software tools that simplify the creation of interactive product demos for everyone.  

Top 10 Interactive Demo Software Tools for B2B Brands - A Comparison 

Did you know that B2B oragnizations have witnessed a 20% increase in sales after implementing interactive content, like interactive demos across different marketing touchpoints? 

Believe it or not, interactive content intrigues your potential customers as they get greater control over the product, and get to decide how they want to use it. 

Our top picks when it comes to the best interactive demo creation platforms are: 

  • Rivia 
  • Storylane 
  • Walnut 
  • Navattic 
  • DemoStack 
  • Reprise 
  • Arcade 
  • DemoBoost 
  • Saleo 
  • TestBox 

Before going into more details, here is a quick breakdown of all the demonstration software solutions:

Interactive demo software comparison

Now, let's dive deeper into each of these interactive product demo software tools, exploring their features, benefits, and ideal use cases. 

1. Rivia.AI

Rivia homepage

Rivia is a powerful demo creation software designed to create engaging and interactive product demos for B2B businesses. One of the standout features of Rivia is its ability to create personalized experiences for potential customers. By tailoring the demo content to specific industries or use cases, businesses can effectively communicate the benefits of their products to their target audience.

Key Features

  • Advanced HTML Edits: Rivia provides advanced HTML editing options, allowing you to make multiple changes and additions to your product demos, such as texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, and formats. This makes it easier to create relatable and personalized product walkthroughs.
Rivia HTML edit
  • Three Demo Formats: Rivia offers three demo formats, including screenshot videos, HTML captures, and playground demos. This versatility allows SaaS marketers to create different types of interactive demos for various marketing touchpoints and purposes.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interactive Demos: Rivia is the only demo software on this list offering mobile-friendly product demos. This ensures that your product tours can reach prospects who visit your site from smartphones, maximizing your reach and potential conversions.
Rivia mobile-friendly demos
  • In-depth analytics: Rivia also provides powerful analytics capabilities. These analytics allow users to gather valuable insights into customer engagement, behavior, and preferences during the demo sessions. By tracking metrics like unique demo views, average demo completion rate, average time spent on each demo, Rivia empowers sales and marketing teams with data-driven insights to optimize their product demos and improve conversions.
Rivia analytics
  • Integrations: Rivia integrates with 50+ solutions that B2B product marketing and customer success teams require on a daily basis. These include Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Slack and the list goes on. These integrations ensure that you don’t have to switch between applications to watch interactive demos. Bring it all together!
Rivia integrations

Ideal for: B2B product marketing, customer success, sales and demand generation teams

2. Storylane

Storylane homepage

Storylane is a versatile interactive product demo software tool that empowers marketing and sales teams to create captivating product tours. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Storylane allows businesses to build code-less guided experiences in just minutes. 

Key Features

  • Code-less guided experiences for quick demo creation
  • Optimization of the sales funnel through data-driven marketing
  • High-quality, personalized demos with guided tooltips and videos
  • Comprehensive analytics to measure demo performance

Ideal for: Marketing and sales teams looking to create personalized and data-driven product demos.

3. Walnut

Walnut homepage

Walnut is an innovative interactive demo software tool that excels in creating product tours quickly with AI assistance. With its browser extension, Walnut allows users to capture editable screenshots of their products, enabling them to create dynamic and engaging tours. 

Key Features 

  • Dynamic and interactive product tours with editable screenshots
  • Customizable tooltips, steps, and callouts for guided experiences
  • Integration with existing tech stack for seamless workflow

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to create engaging product tours quickly and efficiently. 

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4. Navattic

Navattic homepage

Navattic is a powerful interactive product demo platform tool specifically designed for marketing teams looking to save costs. Navattic allows users to capture screengrabs of their product's front-end code to create interactive product walkthroughs. The platform offers a range of features, including gated or ungated tours, lead capture, and comprehensive analytics. 

Key Features 

  • No-code demo creation with screengrabs of the front-end code
  • Gated or ungated tours for lead capture and further engagement
  • Analytics to measure demo completion and drop-off rates
  • Integration with marketing tech stack for seamless workflow

Ideal for: Marketing teams on a budget looking to create interactive content.

5. DemoStack

DemoStack homepage

DemoStack is a powerful product demo software tool (also known as a Storylane alternative) that focuses on leave-behind product tours. With its browser extension, DemoStack captures both the front-end and back-end code of your product, allowing for fully interactive demos. 

Key Features 

  • Capture of front-end and back-end code for interactive product demos
  • Customizable demos for sales teams to create personalized experiences
  • Integration with existing tech stack for seamless workflow
  • Ideal for leave-behind product tours and guided demos

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to create interactive leave-behind product tours.

6. Reprise

Reprise homepage

Reprise is a versatile product demo software tool that caters to multiple go-to-market (GTM) use cases. The interactive demo platform offers a range of tools, each designed to address different aspects of the purchasing journey. Reprise Replay allows users to capture screengrabs of their product one screen at a time, creating product tours. 

Key Features 

  • Capture of screengrabs and back-end code for product tours
  • Creation of functional clones for live demos and leave-behinds
  • Custom data injection for personalized live demos

Ideal for: Businesses with multiple GTM use cases looking for an all-in-one demo software.

7. Arcade

Arcade homepage

Arcade is an affordable product tour tool that allows businesses to create interactive demos and walkthroughs. With its screen recording capabilities, Arcade enables users to showcase their product features and functionalities in an engaging and informative way. Arcade's embed feature makes it easy to attach recordings to emails or add them to websites for potential customers to get a sneak peek.

Key Features

  • Screen recording for creating interactive demos
  • Embed feature for easy sharing and distribution
  • HTML5-friendly demos that are lightweight and user-friendly

Ideal for: Teams on a tight budget looking for an affordable interactive product demo software solution. 

8. DemoBoost

DemoBoost homepage

DemoBoost is a cloud-based demo automation platform designed to simplify the demo creation, distribution, and delivery process for sales and marketing teams. With its built-in analytics tools, businesses can track demo performance and user engagement, gaining valuable insights to optimize their demos and better understand their target audience. 

Key Features 

  • Cloud-based demo automation for streamlined demo creation
  • Enterprise-grade security measures for data protection
  • Self-qualification, live demo support, and collaboration features
  • Instant Time to Value promise with free access to Customer Service team

Ideal for: B2B marketing teams looking for a comprehensive interactive demo platform.

9. Saleo

Saleo homepage

Saleo is an interactive demo software tool that focuses on personalized live demos. With its browser extension, Saleo allows users to personalize their existing demo environment for each lead. This personalization feature enables sales teams to show customized datasets to leads during live demos, without the need for a sales engineer to build custom demo environments. 

Key Features 

  • Personalized live demos with customized datasets
  • Browser extension for easy personalization of existing demo environments
  • Integration with existing tech stack for seamless workflow
  • Tailored pricing structures to fit business needs

Ideal for:Sales teams looking to deliver personalized live demos..

10. TestBox

TestBox homepage

TestBox is a versatile product demo software tool that is designed to generate instant proof of concepts. With TestBox, users can create personalized demo experiences for every potential lead, allowing them to navigate through the product's top features and test them in real-time. TestBox is suitable for all stages of the purchasing funnel, making it a versatile and comprehensive option for businesses.

Key Features 

  • Instant proof of concepts with a live instance of the product
  • Personalized demo experiences for every potential lead
  • Generates unique playgrounds with industry-specific data
  • Ideal for all stages of the purchasing funnel

Ideal for: B2B sales teams looking for a comprehensive product demo software tool.

Final Thoughts

Interactive demo software has become an essential tool for B2B brands looking to showcase their products in an engaging and interactive way. From Rivia's customizable demos to TestBox's instant proof of concepts, each interactive demo software tool offers unique features and advantages. 

By selecting the right tool for your business needs, you can create immersive and personalized demo experiences that drive conversions and provide a competitive edge in the market.

Remember to consider your specific requirements, budget, and target audience when choosing an interactive demo software tool. Whether you're a marketing team looking to create product tours or a sales team seeking to deliver personalized live demos, there's a tool out there that can elevate your sales and marketing game to new heights.

So, don't wait any longer. Explore the options, book a demo, and experience the power of interactive demo software for your B2B brand today!


What is an interactive product demo software?

Interactive product demo software is a tool that enables sales teams to create personalized and live demos of their products. It helps engage prospects by allowing them to interact with the product and understand its functionality before making a purchase.

What features to look out for in an interactive demo creation platform? 

When looking for an interactive demo creation platform, some key features to consider are a no-code editor for easy customization, the ability to track prospect behavior and analytics, options for sharing demos as links or embedded content, and integration with sales and marketing tools. Customization options, personalization features, and the ability to create self-guided demos are also worth considering.

Why do you need a software demo tool? 

A software demo tool is beneficial for sales teams as it allows them to create interactive and personalized demos to engage prospects and showcase the product's functionality.