Top 5 Reprise Alternatives for B2B Sales Teams in 2024

Is Reprise taking too long to set-up? You need a Reprise alternative -

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January 15, 2024
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Have you ever lost an “almost-closed” deal simply because your POC didn’t get an internal buy-in? 

Or because you could not share a sales “leave-behind” after a successful product demo call and the prospect lost interest? 

We have been there and experienced that! 

And do you know what could have helped in those situations? Use interactive product demo software like Reprise. 

Reprise has been a game-changer for sales teams for years due to its ability to create sales playground demos that you would use during and after a successful product demo call. 

But, many Reprise users have mentioned in G2 that Reprise is difficult to use, very expensive, and takes hours to create a simple interactive demo. 

It is always a good idea to pick one of the Reprise alternatives to simplify the demo creation process for sales teams. This guide will break down the best Reprise alternatives to go after in 2023. 

Why should you Look for a Reprise Alternative in the first place? 

Reprise users are not exactly happy with this software. They often post the following complaints about this software on portals like G2 and Capterra: 

  • Reprise has a long and manual set-up process. Every time there is a new feature update in your product, and you want to add it to your demo environment, you will need to create an interactive demo again from scratch. The editing options are weak, and the entire process becomes tiring for the sales team.  
  • Reprise’s crowded UI is often overwhelming for first-time users. With so many available options, it is difficult for users to navigate through the menu to find the feature they want to incorporate. Additionally, the “Auto-save” feature doesn’t work, and users need to press it up to five times to save a change to their interactive demos. 
  • Though Reprise doesn’t reveal its pricing on the website, some users have mentioned it to be highly expensive.  

All these issues take us to the next section - finding a Reprise alternative suitable for your brand. 

5 Best Reprise Alternatives for B2B Sales Reps in 2024

Before we dive into the list of Reprise alternatives, here’s a comparison table that will help you make an informed decision:

Top Reprise alternatives

Now, let’s understand how these interactive product demo platforms that are alternatives to Reprise can help sales teams: 


Rivia homepage

Rivia is a powerful demo creation software and a great Reprise alternative, designed to create engaging and interactive product demos for B2B businesses. With Rivia, create personalized experiences for potential customers, tailoring the demo content to specific industries or use cases. This no-code software allows you to effectively communicate the benefits of your product to your target audiences with the help of advanced personalization options.

Top Features 

  • Demo types - Rivia offers four demo formats - screenshot demos and videos, HTML captures, and playground demos. This versatility allows you to create different types of interactive demos for various marketing touchpoints and purposes. In fact, it is the only Reprise alternative on our list, providing all these demo types within a single software.  Sales teams use Rivia’s product demos to get internal buy-ins from critical decision-makers and share them post-sales calls to help the prospects explore them at their own pace. 
  • Advanced HTML Edits - With Rivia make multiple changes and additions to your product demos, including texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, and formats. The best part is sales reps can edit live demo content based on the target use cases or queries of the prospects.

You can customize your demos to match your brand identity. From CTA colors to fonts, you have full control over the branding of your interactive product demos. Additionally, Rivia allows you to create multiple flow demos, enabling you to showcase different aspects of your product to different target audiences.

Rivia HTML edit
  • Mobile-friendly demos - Rivia is a powerful Reprise alternative demo software that offers mobile-friendly product demos. This ensures that your product tours can reach prospects who visit your site from smartphones, maximizing your reach and potential conversions.
Rivia mobile-friendly demos
  • Ease of use - Rivia's no-code demo editor makes it easy for anyone to create their first interactive product demo. The intuitive interface and step-by-step guides ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. 
  • Guides - Rivia provides guided tooltips and videos that help your prospects navigate through your product demos, ensuring they get the most out of the experience. 
  • Analytics - Rivia provides in-depth analytics that allow you to track customer engagement, behavior, and preferences during demo sessions. This valuable data helps you optimize your product demos and improve conversions.
Rivia analytics

Ideal for: Rivia is apt for sales and GTM teams of SaaS startups looking for an affordable solution to scale their interactive product demo generation process. 

Create your very first interactive product demo with Rivia using the following steps 👇


DemoStack homepage

DemoStack is another powerful alternative to Reprise that focuses on creating interactive leave-behind product tours. With its browser extension, DemoStack captures your product's front-end and back-end code, allowing for fully interactive demos.

Top  Features 

  • DemoStack captures your product's front-end and back-end code, ensuring that your demos are fully interactive and showcase all the features and functionalities.
  • DemoStack allows sales teams to create personalized experiences for their prospects by customizing their product tours. This level of personalization can help you make a strong impression and stand out from the competition.
  • DemoStack seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, allowing a smooth workflow and easy access to interactive product tours.

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to create interactive leave-behind product tours.


Walnut homepage

Walnut simplifies the process of creating interactive product demos by using AI assistance. With its browser plugin, Walnut allows users to capture editable screenshots of their products and create dynamic and engaging tours.

Top  Features

  • Walnut, a Reprise alternative, allows users to create dynamic and interactive product tours by capturing both the front-end and back-end code of their application. This enables the creation of demos that showcase not only the UI but also functional elements like drop-downs, filters, and graphs.
  • Walnut offers customization options to tailor the demos to specific use cases and customer segments. Users can personalize the content, tooltips, and steps to create a unique and engaging demo experience.
  • Walnut uses AI to expedite the process of creating product tours, demos, and follow-up messaging. The AI-powered assistant provides suggestions for writing copy, creating notes for live demos, and even helps with writing follow-up emails.

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to create engaging and personalized product tours quickly and efficiently. 

Not happy with Walnut’s performance? Read more about the Top 5 Walnut Alternatives for SaaS Brands


Storylane homepage

Storylane is a versatile interactive product demo software tool that empowers marketing and sales teams to create captivating product tours. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Storylane allows businesses to build code-less guided experiences in just minutes.

Top  Features

  • Storylane offers a no-code editor that simplifies the creation of guided product tours. You can easily create interactive demos without any technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • With Storylane's data-driven marketing capabilities, you can optimize your sales funnel and drive conversions. The platform provides comprehensive analytics to measure demo performance and track user engagement.
  • Storylane allows you to create high-quality and personalized demos with guided tooltips and videos. This helps your prospects better understand your product and its value proposition.

Ideal for: Marketing and sales teams looking to boost conversion with interactive product demos. 

Already using Storylane and not happy with the experience? Read more about the Top 5 Storylane Alternatives for SaaS Brands.


Saleo homepage

Saleo is an interactive demo software tool that focuses on personalized live demos. With its browser extension, Saleo allows users to personalize their existing demo environment for each lead, showing customized datasets during live demos without requiring a sales engineer to build custom demo environments.

Top  Features

  • Saleo enables sales teams to deliver personalized live demos by customizing datasets for each lead. This level of personalization can greatly enhance the demo experience and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Saleo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, ensuring a smooth workflow and easy access to personalized live demos.

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to deliver personalized live demos to B2B companies.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right demo automation software, which is a great alternative to Reprise, can be a long process for for B2B sales reps. While Reprise is a popular choice, exploring alternatives can provide you with a fresh perspective and potentially better fit for your specific needs. 

Whether you choose Rivia, DemoStack, Storylane, Walnut, or Saleo, each tool offers unique features and benefits to help you create personalized and compelling product demos. So, take the time to evaluate your options and find the tool that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Start the evaluation with our favorite from this Reprise alternatives list - 

Explore Rivia’s Interactive Demo Gallery 


What are some alternatives to traditional B2B sales methods?

Some alternatives to traditional B2B sales methods include social selling, interactive product demos within cold outreach emails, referral programs, and account-based marketing.

How do these Reprise alternatives compare to traditional B2B sales methods?

These alternatives offer more personalized approaches, leveraging relationships and targeted strategies, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Which Reprise alternative is best for startups and small businesses?

We think it is Rivia, as the features talk for themselves. Rivia’s HTML editor, tooltips, and mobile-friendly demos are the best in this list.