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November 24, 2023
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If you are here, you already know about interactive product demos and what they do to create a seamless buying experience. 

We are not going to the deets. 

You are probably looking for a alternative. Walnut, though one of the seasoned product demo tools, surely has its own flaws. 

Users often complain about its limited edit options, complicated UI, and low adoption rate. If any of these challenges ring a bell, your search for an alternative to Walnut is valid. 

We have done the groundwork for you, and here are the Walnut alternatives that we believe you MUST know and try out in 2024. 

Why should you Look for a Walnut Alternative? 

No tool is “ultimate” in the world of B2B marketing. 

Upon checking G2, we found that Walnut users are struggling with the following challenges: 

  • Walnut takes a lot of time to get started. The tool is tricky and requires a lot of handholding and product training before you master it. 
  • Walnut is slow, takes a lot of time to load, and often shuts down abruptly.  
  • Walnut’s UX is not ideal for first-time users. It is overly complicated and users cannot understand the significance of some features and storylines unless you are an experienced user. 

Let’s explore the Walnut alternatives we have listed here.

Top 5 Walnut Alternatives to Try Out in 2024 

While Walnut is a great interactive product demo, too, clearly, some limitations make this tool less effective. 

But does that mean you will be shifting your focus from interactive demos? I don’t recommend that.

Interactive product demos are here to stay as B2B companies have observed a 20% increase in sales after implementing interactive product demos. You need a Walnut app alternative to craft better product stories. 

Here is a list of alternatives that you can opt for:

Walnut vs. Walnut Alternatives

1. Rivia

Rivia website

Rivia is a self-guided interactive product demo software designed explicitly for B2B product marketers, growth marketers, and demand-generation experts. It is a no-code platform, easy to use, and helps you create personalized product demos that match your brand equity. It takes you only three steps - capture, edit, and publish, to create self-guided live product demos within 10 minutes. 

Top Features 

Advanced HTML Edits 

Unlike Walnut, where editing a product demo simply means making changes in texts and images, Rivia offers advanced options. Marketers can make multiple changes and additions to product demos created with Rivia, including texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, formats, etc. With this Walnut alternative, creating relatable, personalized product walkthroughs is much simpler.

HTML edits
Three different demo formats

Walnut creates only two product demos - playground demos and HTML edits. Rivia creates these two, along with screenshot videos. SaaS marketers require different types of interactive demos for other purposes and marketing touchpoints, and Rivia makes it simpler.

Mobile-friendly demos

Rivia is the only Walnut alternative on this list offering mobile-friendly product demos. That way, you can place your interactive demo across the mobile-based touchpoints and won’t miss out on prospects visiting your site from smartphones.

Mobile-friendly demos

Pros and Cons

Rivia pros and cons

Rivia vs. Walnut

Rivia pros and cons

2. Reprise

Reprise website

Reprise is a well-known alternative. It is an excellent solution for crafting simple and dependable product walkthroughs. It is an indispensable tool for sales and marketing teams aiming to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Top Features

  • This powerful tool allows businesses to accelerate their sales processes, visualize products for interested prospects, create scalable and repeatable demos with consistent messaging, and progress to the next stage faster.
  • With integrations that seamlessly fit into everyday tools, SOC 2 Type 2-certified security, and dedicated support, Reprise is the go-to demo platform for enterprise software companies.
Reprise  pros and cons


Available on request.

3. Navattic

Navattic website

Navattic is an alternative to for creating self-guided product demos.

Top Features

  • Navattic integrates with your existing tech stack, like HubSpot, Marketo, Google Analytics, etc., to create a compelling demo creation experience.
  • Replace static screenshots on your website with self-guided product demos to empower potential users.
  • With Navattic, you can create an efficient first impression for your products to get noticed easily.


  • Base - $500 per month
  • Growth - $1000 per month

4. DemoStack

The final name on our list of Storylane alternatives is DemoStack. Demostack helps SaaS brands create compelling interactive demos to showcase the remarkable features of your product.

Top Features

  • DemoStack leverages the art of storytelling to create tailored product walkthroughs.
  • You can create interactive product demos in only three easy steps - Copy and paste the URL to the product, personalize, and deliver a winning demo.
DemoStack pros and cons


  • Sales - $15000 per month
  • Marketing - $15000 per month
  • Elite - Available on request

5. StoryLane

Storylane website

Storylane is a great Walnut alternative. Sales and demand generation experts can create interactive product demos within 10 minutes with Storylane. It integrates with 3000+ tools, including HubSpot, Slack, Marketo, Salesforce. That way, you don’t need to switch between applications over and over.

Top Features

  • Storylane’s built-in No-code editor simplifies product demo creation for everyone, including professionals without any technical knowledge.
  • Storylane offers intuitive analytics and a comprehensive dashboard to analyze the performances of your product demos.
Storylane pros and cons


  • Free - $0
  • Starter - $40/month
  • Growth - $100/month
  • Enterprise - Available on request

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Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal interactive product demo software is challenging. It is best if you try out each of these tools to find out what works and what doesn’t. We suggest starting with Rivia. As per our research, it is the best and most affordable alternative to Walnut.

Start by scheduling a demo.