What are the Best Arcade Alternatives for B2B Product Marketing Teams in 2024? Top 5 Picks!

What are the Best Arcade Alternatives for B2B Product Marketing Teams in 2024? Top 5 Picks!

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January 22, 2024
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Showcasing the relevant benefits of a product is one hell of a job! 

The product marketing team is always on their nerves, figuring out how to create a personalized experience to simplify potential users’ journeys and encourage them to take desired actions. 

They need interactive product demo software for creating compelling, tailored product overviews and tours aligned with specific use cases. 

The go-to tool for creating personalized product tours is Arcade software. Arcade interactive demos are compelling, personalized, and user-centric. 

However, some users are unhappy with Arcade’s unresponsive support team, limited features, and restricted use of images, videos, and GIFs. If you relate to these challenges, there is no harm in looking for an Arcade alternative. 

Here, we list the top five Arcade alternatives that customer success teams can explore to pick the best. 

Why should you Look for an Alternative to Arcade Software? 

Here’s what some Arcade users have to say about their experience on G2

  • Arcade’s support team is often unresponsive on chats, leading to user dissatisfaction 
  • Not having a robust metadata option within the Arcade Editor 
  • Limited images, videos, and GIFs restrict the personalization of your product stories and user training materials 
  • Arcade’s Free and Pro plans don’t have any analytics features. To opt for even basic analytics, you must buy the Growth plan and pay $42.50 monthly
  • Limited personalization features often leave the videos unsatisfactory and lack a proper flow 
  • Organizing your product tours is challenging, as Arcade doesn’t allow you to create folders. You can only add tags 
  • Capturing demo screens on mobile is a cumbersome task when using the Arcade product demos

Can you relate to any of these challenges? Settle in as we are about to start discussing the best Arcade alternatives. 

5 Best Arcade Alternatives for B2B Customer Success Teams in 2024 

Here is a quick feature break-down of Arcade vs. all the Arcade alternatives:

alternative table

Let’s hear about each tool in detail:


Rivia homepage

Rivia is a no-code interactive product demo platform and one of the best Arcade alternatives. SaaS customer success teams use Rivia to create stunning product walkthroughs, personalized product tutorials, and other interactive product-led onboarding resources to increase user adoption rate and retain customers for a long time. 

Top Features 

  • Demo types - Customer success teams use Rivia’s four interactive demo formats: screenshot demos, screenshot videos, live demos, and HTML captures. These different demo formats help create interactive assets like self-guided product overviews, short product tours, user training videos, etc. While Arcade only allows you to create screenshot videos, Rivia offers it all, easing out the job of customer success teams. 

Here’s a personalized product tour of Kroolo, developed using Rivia 👇 


Rivia helped Kroolo boost their user sign-up by 40%. Read the entire case study here 
  • Advanced HTML Edits - Rivia, an interactive product demo software and an alternative to Arcade, puts an end to all those generic product tours consisting of “John Doe” and “Acme”. Rivia’s advanced HTML editing option allows you to add texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, and formats within existing screenshots. This means greater creative freedom for customer success teams to add relevant phrases, names, numbers, chart, and use cases to engage the users from day one.
Rivia HTML edit
  • Mobile-friendly demos - Rivia’s interactive demos are 100% mobile-friendly. Even though your product is not mobile-friendly, Rivia’s interactive demo tool ensures that when the prospects are playing the demo from their phones, the demo is perfectly visible without any distortions.
Rivia mobile-friendly
  • Ease of use - It takes less than a minute and three simple steps to create an interactive product overview using Rivia. Therefore, customer success teams can use this tool to create as many product tours as they want without any technical assistance. 

Still confused? See how easy it is to create your first interactive demo using Rivia 👇

  • Analytics - Rivia’s intuitive dashboard and granular analytics give you insights into demo metrics like- unique views, average completion rate, average time spent, etc. Customer success teams use these metrics to identify how helpful their product tours were to boost user adoption, and they make changes in their product-led strategies accordingly.
Rivia analytics

Ideal for: B2B SaaS customer success teams working hard to onboard multiple users on the same day or one-person support teams having difficulty providing personalized product training to new customers.


Supademo homepage

Supademo is a robust interactive demo software and a simple yet powerful alternative to Arcade. With Supademo, you can create engaging and interactive demos in seconds. Trusted by thousands of users at fast-growing companies, Supademo has features that make it the ideal choice for customer success, onboarding, and sales.

Top  Features 

  • Supademo allows you to add AI-generated text and voiceovers to your demos, making them more engaging and interactive.
  • With Supademo, you can easily customize your demos to match your brand. You can use custom domains, URLs, colors, and logos to create a cohesive brand experience.
  • Supademo allows you to group related demos into one unified, interactive experience. This feature perfectly showcases different use cases or product features to your audience.

Ideal for: This Arcade software alternative is useful for SaaS growth teams.


Storylane homepage

Storylane is a versatile Arcade alternative that empowers marketing and sales teams to create captivating product tours. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Storylane allows businesses to build code-less guided experiences in just minutes.

Top  Features

  • With Storylane, you can create interactive product tours without coding. This makes it easy for marketers and sales teams to create personalized and data-driven demos.
  • Storylane helps optimize the sales funnel by providing data-driven user engagement and behavior insights. This allows teams to make informed decisions and drive conversions.
  • Storylane allows users to create high-quality demos with guided tooltips, videos, and other interactive elements. This level of personalization helps create a remarkable customer experience.

Ideal for: Storylane is perfect for marketing and sales teams looking to create personalized and data-driven product demos.

Already using Storylane and not happy with the experience? Read more about the Top 5 Storylane Alternatives for SaaS Brands.


Navattic homepage

Navattic is one of the best Arcade alternatives that helps marketing and sales teams leverage product-led growth by creating interactive and personalized product demos. With its seamless integrations and powerful features, Navattic enables teams to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Top  Features

  • Navattic's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create interactive product demos without coding knowledge. This empowers marketers and sales teams to create remarkable customer experiences. 
  • Navattic provides advanced analytics that helps track engagement and user behavior. This allows teams to gain valuable insights and optimize their demos for better performance.
  • Navattic integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, and Google Analytics. This ensures a smooth workflow and enables teams to leverage existing tech stacks.

Ideal for: Navattic is a great alternative to Arcade software for customer success teams to create personalized product tours. 

Already using Navattic and not happy with the experience? Read more about the Top 5 Navattic Alternatives for SaaS Brands.


Walnut homepage

Walnut.io is a comprehensive Arcade alternative designed to empower businesses with actionable insights to enhance their product marketing strategies. With its array of features, Walnut.io caters to the diverse needs of marketers, offering valuable tools for optimizing product marketing campaigns.

Top  Features 

  • Walnut's interactive demo platform enables businesses to track how demo viewers engage with product demos, enhancing lead qualification by gathering valuable insights about their interests and needs.
  • The platform facilitates the creation of interactive product demos, allowing prospects to explore product features at their own pace, expediting the time it takes for them to recognize the unique value proposition of the product.
  • Walnut.io offers valuable analytics on prospect engagement with demos, empowering businesses to make data-driven improvements for future demos, leading to more effective product marketing strategies. 

Ideal for: Walnut.io is ideal for marketing professionals, product managers, and business owners seeking to elevate their product marketing endeavors.

Already using Walnut.io and not happy with the experience? Read more about the Top 5 Walnut Alternatives for SaaS Brands.

Final Thoughts 

Regarding interactive demo software, several alternatives to Arcade software offer robust features and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you choose Rivia, Supademo, Storylane, Navattic, or Walnut, creating interactive product overviews will be a smooth and seamless experience. 

Evaluate your specific requirements and use cases to determine which alternative best fits your team. Consider factors like ease of use, customization options, integrations, and pricing. 

With the right interactive demo software, you can create remarkable customer experiences and drive the success of your products. 

So, why wait? Start with the best Arcade alternative from our list - Rivia.ai. 

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Why do you need an arcade software alternative?

Arcade software users complain about poor support and limited editing features, hindering a seamless user experience.

Which is the best Arcade alternative?

Rivia is a top arcade alternative, offering advanced features and excellent support.

Which features should you look for in an Arcade alternative?

When looking for an Arcade alternative, search for features like - advanced editing, mobile-friendliness, and in-depth analytics.