Top 5 Demostack Alternatives to Create Live Sales Demos in 2024

Looking for an Affordable Demostack Alternative? Here’s the list!

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January 19, 2024
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A genuine question to all B2B sales reps: if you could choose one superpower, what would it be? 

Let us guess: reduced sales cycle that lasts for less than 30 days. 

An average B2B sales cycle lasts for one to three months. 

It is normal for sales reps to rely on live sales demos to provide the users with greater product exposure, so they make purchase decisions sooner, and you close a new sales deal faster. 

To create a live sales demo, you will need demo automation software, and a popular name in the market is - Demostack. 

With Demostack, sales reps create efficient and customized interactive demos to match prospects’ intent. 

While Demostack is a great tool, its starting price is $15000, making it out of reach for early-stage startups. 

If you need a Demostack alternative for your SaaS startup that is affordable yet feature-rich, you are at the right place. In this article, we are analyzing the top alternatives to Demostack, in terms of their prices and features to help you pick the most suitable one. 

Why should you Look for a Demostack Alternative in the first place? 

Apart from being extremely expensive, some of the existing users of Demostack have also posted the following complaints on  G2

  • The Demostack desktop app is clunky, the user interface is all over the place, and users have a hard time navigating through the application. 
  • No HTML editing and insufficient ability to dynamically update dates within the demos make it less creative than some of the strongest Demostack competitors like Rivia. 
  • The instances of “Demo timed out” are very frequent in Demostack and it particularly frustrates the sales reps when they are about to share their screen in a sales call to show the live sales demo to their prospects. 

Relatable much? 

Let’s explore the best Demostack alternatives in the next section.

5 Best Demostack Alternatives for B2B Sales Reps in 2024

Here’s a detailed feature breakdown of all the top Demostack alternatives:

comparision table


Rivia homepage

Rivia is a demo software tool and one of the best Demostack alternatives for sales teams to create live sales demos. Rivia’s no-code demo creation platform is easy to grasp and has a gentle learning curve. Sales, product marketing, and GTM teams, without sound technical skills, can create personalized interactive product demos with Rivia without any external support. 

See Rivia in action

Top Features 

  • Demo types - Rivia provides four interactive demo formats - playground demos, HTML captures, screenshot demos, and screenshot videos. Sales teams use these different interactive demo formats across multiple touchpoints to create live sales demos, embed personalized demos to emails and websites, etc. 
  • Advanced HTML Edits - Rivia offers advanced HTML editing options to tailor the interactive product demos. The editing options include adding texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, and formats. Sales reps can edit live demo content using this interactive product demo software to match prospects’ intent.
Rivia advanced HTML edit
  • Mobile-friendly demos - Rivia’s interactive demos are mobile-friendly. This feature improves the accessibility of the interactive demos and allows the prospects to browse and explore the demos quickly.
Rivia mobile friendly demo
  • Ease of use - Rivia’s simple user interface helps you create interactive product demos in just three steps. You don’t need a lot of technical skills to create personalized demos on this Demostack alternative. 
  • Analytics - Rivia’s in-depth analytics is exactly what you need to track the performance of your sales campaigns. By monitoring metrics like Unique views, Avg. completion rate, and Avg. time spent, sales reps will have a clear idea of how well the prospects are aligning with the interactive demos and accordingly, they can decide further plans to personalize or re-use the demos.
Rivia advanced analytics

Ideal for: Rivia is apt for sales teams of early-stage startups and medium-sized businesses looking for cost-effective Demostack alternatives, without compromising on features and benefits. 

Create your very first interactive product demo with Rivia using the following steps 👇


Walnut homepage

Walnut is a powerful alternative to Demostack. It allows you to create personalized and engaging product demos that align with your brand identity. With Walnut, you can easily capture screenshots of your product and stitch them together to create dynamic and interactive demos.

Top  Features

  • Walnut provides extensive editing options, allowing you to make multiple changes and additions to your product demos. You can customize texts, images, graphs, charts, numbers, icons, and formats to create demos that resonate with your target audience.
  • Walnut leverages AI technology to expedite the process of creating personalized demos. It provides suggestions for writing copy, creating notes for live demos, and even helps with writing follow-up emails.

Ideal for: Sales and marketing teams looking for a user-friendly alternative to Demostack. 

Not happy with Walnut’s performance? Read more about the Top 5 Walnut Alternatives for SaaS Brands.


Storylane homepage

Storylane is another Demostack alternative that empowers marketing and sales teams to create captivating product tours. It offers a no-code editor, making creating interactive demos without technical knowledge or coding skills easy. With Storylane, you can create high-quality and personalized demos with guided tooltips and videos.

Top  Features

  • Storylane's built-in no-code editor simplifies the creation of guided product tours. You can easily customize the content, tooltips, and steps to create a unique and engaging demo experience.
  • Storylane provides in-depth analytics that allows you to track customer engagement, behavior, and preferences during demo sessions. This valuable data helps you optimize your product demos and improve conversions.
  • Storylane integrates with popular tools like HubSpot, Slack, Marketo, and Salesforce, ensuring a seamless workflow and easy access to your demos.

Ideal for: Marketing and sales teams looking to boost conversion with screenshot demos. 

Already using Storylane and not happy with the experience? Read more about the Top 5 Storylane Alternatives for SaaS Brands.


Saleo homepage

Saleo is a demo experience platform and intelligent Demostack alternative, that specializes in personalizing live demos. It works on top of your existing demo environment and uses a Chrome extension to inject data into the front end of your demo environment. This allows your reps to adjust the data displayed in real-time before or during a demo, delivering a custom demo experience without changing the core demo environment.

Top  Features

  • Saleo enables your sales reps to personalize live demos by customizing datasets for each lead. This level of personalization greatly enhances the demo experience and increases the chances of conversion.
  • Saleo seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, allowing for a smooth workflow and easy access to personalized live demos.
  • Saleo maps out all the fields in your product that display data, allowing you to create datasets for each field. This ensures that your reps can deliver custom demos without changing the core demo environment.

Ideal for: Sales teams looking to reduce sales cycles through live demos. 


Reprise homepage

While exploring Demostack alternatives, it's worth considering Reprise itself as a viable option. Reprise offers multiple products, each catering to a specific use case. Reprise Replay, for example, caters to marketing teams looking to create product tours. At the same time, Reprise Replicate works similarly to Demostack, allowing you to clone your front-end and back-end code. 

Top  Features

  • Reprise provides a range of products, each designed to cater to different use cases and workflows across go-to-market teams.
  • Reprise includes pre-built integrations for popular tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and Google Analytics, allowing for a seamless workflow and easy access to your demos.
  • Reprise offers a dependable and user-friendly platform for creating interactive product demos, enabling you to showcase your product effectively to interested prospects.

Ideal for: Teams looking for a one-to-one Demostack replacement. 

Want to switch to a new interactive demo platform from Reprise? Read more about the Top 5 Reprise Alternatives for SaaS Brands. 

Final Thoughts 

These were the top best Demostack alternatives that are cheaper and offer more extensive demo creation options for startups and medium-sized businesses. 

Start exploring each tool until you find out the most suitable one for your business. 

We would suggest starting with Rivia because of its advanced HTML editing options that are clearly better than any other Demostack alternatives in our list, and that too at a starting price of $40/month.

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What are the top 5 Demostack alternatives for live sales demos in 2024?

Some alternatives include Rivia, Storylane, Walnut, Reprise, and Saleo.

How do these alternatives compare to Demostack?

They offer more personalization options for live sales demos and competitive pricing. 

Which alternative is best for small businesses?

We pick as the best alternative to Demostack for small businesses because of its comprehensive HTML editing options and highly affordable pricing.